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Maths GCSE success

Who am I? My name is Terry Dunn and I work in the education industry. I’m a home and online maths tutor, writer and author, blogger and techie. I love creating content, and have a passion for learning.

Maths tutor: I am a home maths tutor – serving Stevenage and the surrounding area – and an online maths tutor. I teach maths at KS3 (Key Stage 3) and GCSE levels. Lesson are in my home or the student’s home.

Writer and author: I have written, ‘GCSE maths success: a parent’s guide’. It’s in for editing and will be published on Amazon soon. This is the first of a series of books. It tells parents how to provide the best help they can for their son or daughter, studying maths at school.

Blogger and techie: I publish regular blog posts on learning, study, maths, psychology, and problem-solving. As well as tutoring students for over 5 years, I have worked in the IT industry so I can build websites, create online content, make videos, and tackle most online challenges.

Content themes: My passion is for learning and self-development. A new YouTube channel, ‘maths made visual’, is on the drawing board right now. And with the theme of ‘make learning easy’, a new daily email will also be starting soon, and you can get my book for free by signing up.

You can see that lots of things will be happening, so bookmark this site and come back to visit again. Meanwhile, if you would like to talk to me about tutoring, send an email to

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